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I thought you might be interested in using Kubify’s Learning Toolbox for the ePosters for your conference. It’s an approach that really puts the emphasis on richer content sharing, conversation and community engagement beyond the conference as well.

I’ve used Learning Toolbox myself and think it’s a really good way to improve knowledge sharing. The team behind it used to be researchers themselves so they really understand what we want to achieve with conferences – effective knowledge sharing, great discussions and community collaboration. 

They’re offering a discount to friends and colleagues of existing authors, so I’d like to pass that on to you. Here’s the webpage where you can find out more LINK and this community code CODE will give you the 5% discount.

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Want a more effective approach to poster sessions & knowledge sharing at conferences? Take a look at @LTBePoster’s approach. I’ve used it & thought it was really good. More info here: https://www.kubify.co/community/ and you can get a discount with this code CODE.