Learning Toolbox for ePosters and more

Add real value to your conferences by delivering what your delegates want most!

Engaging content, conversation and community are all essential components of a successful conference – delegates want to interact and learn together, that is why they attend conferences.

Content, Conversation, Community

Kubify’s Learning Toolbox connects content, conversation and community by enabling your presenters to share and discuss rich educational content before, during and after the event. It can also make your life easier!

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ePosters and more!

Learning Toolbox is a multi-award winning ePoster and educational content platform for onsite, hybrid and online events. It’s so powerful, flexible and easy to use that event organisers are already using it beyond ePosters as well – for sharing speaker and sponsor content and for supporting round tables and workshops.

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Transforming content engagement at events

We built the platform based on our own experiences as conference presenters, delegates and organisers. We wanted to transform the way that content is presented, discussed and shared at conferences – helping to accelerate knowledge exchange and innovation. We also wanted to support conference organisers, helping you to delight your clients whilst also making your job of collecting and managing content easier.

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